My flooring choice has to be in sync with the overall home interior design & look."

With four sides, four edges and over a million designs, tiles have come a very long way since their invention in 3000 BC.

The first book, Tile Digest will take you through the wonderful journey of tiles by telling you about their history, origin and evolution.

Presented by H&R Johnson, the pioneer of tiles in India, Tile Digest has been designed to give you a brief account about our company and how tiles are a part of our heritage.

Most importantly, this book will equip you with all the technical know-hows of picking the right tile that'll make every room more stunning than ever before.

Let everything about tiles unfold.

The discovery of tiles dates back to the prehistoric times. The earliest form of a tile was a block created by clay which was dug up from river banks. With time, tiles started evolving as they were carved or pigmented.

Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to discover that tiles can be made stronger and water-resistant by firing clay at high temperatures in a kiln.

The Mesopotamians took the aesthetics of tiles to the next level by using terra-cotta and colourful ceramic tiles to decorate their houses. The word 'Ceramic' came from the Greek term 'Keramos', meaning a potter or pottery.

Other civilizations to be associated with ceramic tiles are the Greek, the Roman and the Chinese civilizations. The Chinese who developed the porcelain are also known to be chief contributors to the evolution of tiles.

Present day tiles perform a balanced act of following ancient tile traditions like firing tiles in a kiln and using breakthrough technology with superior raw materials and evolved machinery.

The modern day tile is far more advanced and sophisticated and is used in homes, offices, commercial spaces and even space shuttles.

Endura Russtone: Rusty Red

Our journey in India started in the year 1958. With a rich legacy and quality offerings, H&R Johnson has been the most popular and leading tile-maker for over five decades.

We've always dedicated resources towards researching architectural and interior designing themes and trends. This effort of ours includes international tie–ups with leading design houses. Besides this, we use the most modern technology, equipment and quality controls in the creation of each tile.

With maximum years of experience and in-depth knowledge in ceramics, in-house R&D and captive production of many

components, we make tiles that redefine lifstyles. And this is the reason we own a position of leaership in the category of home solutions.

Innovations have always been part of our company's DNA and been instrumental in helping us build on products. Today, we have 10,000 different products, spread across 90 categories. In short, we have a product for every aesthetic and functional need.

Our offerings include tiles, sanitary were, bath fittings, wooden flooring, engineered marble & quartz and modular kitchens, making us a one-stop shop for home styling solutions.

Endura Sandex: Benaulim & Candolim

One usually experiences a lot of confusion regarding the purchase of ideal tiles for a particular room and usage.

We, at Johnson, understand that and have designed the Tile Digest to help you with your tiling selection process. In this book, you'll find answers to most of your questions regarding tiles.

We believe that this book will help you make an informed decision every time you go tile shopping.

Marbonite GVT: Egyptian Rock

Get your room to dress up with quality decorative tiles, the ceramic tiles. Created from a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances, the body of this tile is moulded into a shape and then fired at extremely high temperatures. These tiles are designed and decorated using sophisticated and standard international processes. These tiles have a lot of varieties and are classified on different parameters.

Glazed & Unglazed

Glazed ceramic tiles are available in both plain as well as decorative options and can be used on walls and floors.
Unglazed ceramic floor tiles are more suited to commercial and industrial settings, and can be used in exteriors, parking spaces and utility rooms too. Johnson-Endura Tiles available in 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm thickness are known for their robustness and suitability to such usage.

Body Characteristics

Based on the body composition, tiles could be differentiated on the basis of body density and open porosity. It is generally referred to as `Water Absorption' (WA). The tiles with the least water absorption are defined as Vitrified/Porcelain. So if you love water, go for tiles that love water too! Johnson Marbonite is a pioneer in this category; these tiles are impervious to water.

Surfaces and finishes

To put it simply, ceramic tiles have three finishes. First of which has a smooth and very reflective surface (Mirror finish polished and Glossy finish). The second type is the matt/ rustic finish. This finish is characterised by tiles that have a hard, often granular and honed non-reflective matt finish surface. The third finish falls in between both these finishes.It is referred as satin finish and is available in both – wall and floor applications. Additionally, Johnson has also created some unique finishes combining aesthetics and functionality, exclusively for flooring options.

'Sasso' finish is one such creation by Johnson. It is available in Marbonite Glazed Vitrified category, size 800x800 mm, and qualifies for application even in commercial spaces subject to high foot-falls. We recommend you have a visual and touch feel of our products – Pierre Sasso, Empress Sasso (beautiful crystalline marble theme) and Beton Sasso (raw, concrete finish theme).

Different ratings for top surface

The Porcelain Enamel Institute, headquartered in Norcross, GA, has defined ratings for tiles depending on their suitability in various applications/spaces.

PEI 0 - No foot traffic
These include tiles for walls of bathrooms and exteriors.

PEI 1 - Very light traffic
These tiles are generally used to cover bathroom floors.

PEI 2 - Light traffic
Places like bedrooms and study rooms are home to these tiles.

PEI 3 - Light to moderate traffic
Ideal for all domestic floors where there is no movement of heavy appliances.

PEI 4 - Moderate to heavy traffic
Entrance, passages, external public kitchens and offices are areas you could use these tiles in.

PEI 5 - Heavy traffic
Public places like malls, churches, industrial floors, etc. have high abrasion and foot-falls and heavy traffic tiles are just perfect for them.

For all practical purposes, you need tiles from PEI-3 to PEI-4 for your residential flooring. And we have got plenty of options for you, suiting all the dimensions and décor needs of your space.

Usage and application area
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Endura Pavers: Blue, Brown & Pink

Ceramic tiles are the most ideal when it comes to covering walls, floors or any other surface. Nothing else comes close. Be it wood, wallpapers, marble or carpets. Here's why ceramic tiles are the most preferred choice:


Unlike carpets that release odour over time, ceramic tiles are odourless. With no chemical or toxic emissions that come from paints, they display resistance against any kind of bacterial growth.


Robust and easy-to-install, these tiles have superior strength and longevity as compared to marble and granite.

These tiles are fire-proof and heat-proof, making them safe for use in kitchens, near the gas stove. Additionally, their water-proof nature makes them ideal for protecting buildings, shower rooms and traditionally wet areas.

Aesthetics & versatility
Every space in your house can benefit from these tiles, right from your bathroom to your living room, parking space to patio. You can get every desired effect, pattern and look with ceramic tiles.

Cost effectiveness
It's the life span of tiles which makes them an economic option over paints, carpets etc. Ceramic tiles last for long, making them a great buy.

Johnson Kraft: Bois Kraft Mix

Tiles are created using an extremely complex process. This causes some tiles to have certain flaws. Hence, tiles after firing are graded according to their type based on the severity of their flaws.

Premium tiles are the best of the lot. These tiles qualify the specifications outlined by international standards and have been created to make every room in your house very special.

Commercial tiles come second in terms of quality. These tiles usually have small defects that may or may not be visible. These imperfections include shade variation, dimension irregularity, glaze contamination or defective surfaces.

Economy tiles have more than two types of defects which may impair the visual appearance of the tile and often carry higher dimensional irregularities.

Wall - Johnson iFloor: Cement Fusion
Floor - Johnson iFloor: Cement Gris

You always need the right tiles to make a space look perfect. With this understanding, we have gone a great length to bring you tiles of different sizes. Starting from as small as 100x100 mm to as huge as 1000x1000 mm, we offer tiles that can fill in any space seamlessly. The aesthetics of our tiles combined with their versatile measurements make them an ideal choice.

Marbonite GVS: Passion Onyx

Always looking to select different tiles for different spaces?

We bring you a variety of finishes, each meticulously crafted for specific spaces giving you a range of tile styling options.

Matt and Satin: These tiles have been designed to cater to residential, commercial and industrial areas. They are ideal for slippery surfaces and places that require higher scratch resistance. And to top it off, they have aesthetics that never fail to match your theme or décor. These are available for walls as well as floors. We recommend Kraft Ceramic Panels, Spanish Collection and Neo Solutions. And for flooring options, choose Marbonite Slabs and Tiles, Johnson Scratch-Free tiles and Johnson Endura, available in a variety of designs.

Rustic: These tiles are rough and are often made using a textured tile body. The effects of these tiles are more pronounced and capture rustic wood and natural stone themes. Marbonite Stonex, Marbonite Infinity, Endura Sandex and Johnson Rustic series of tiles are popular choices in flooring .These are ideal solutions for floors that are subjected to high traffic and usage. Rustic finish tiles are available for walls as well.

Lapato and Sasso: As mentioned earlier, both are refined creations. These finishes are a unique combination of robustness and aesthetics. With a crystalline surface that has sheen, these tiles are part of a modern day trend in many interior designing themes for flooring subjected to heavy usage areas.

Mirror Polish effect: Besides being highly reflective, the polished marble finish of these tiles add beauty and glamour to flooring themes. This finish is rich in its appearance and it accentuates the aesthetics of a surface. It is extremely easy-to-maintain and hygienic. We recommend Marbonite polished tiles and slabs, which are available in a variety of options and sizes - 600x600 mm, 800x800 mm and 1000x1000 mm.

Glossy finish: Mostly the term 'glossy' is associated with wall tiles and floor tiles which have an impervious glassy and shiny surface. For its aesthetics and maintenance appeal, the finish is very popular in wall applications like bathrooms and also for flooring in select areas. For walls, we recommend our range of Kraft Ceramic Panels – 800x400 mm, Spanish and Neo series 300x600 mm and other sizes. In ceramic flooring, glossy options are available in 400x400 mm and iFloor 600x600 mm sizes.

One recent innovative product line introduced by Johnson is the Marbonite glazed vitrified polished tiles and slabs comprising of a new variety of glazed and polished products. These have been gaining popularity in the recent past.

Johnson Marbonite is available in 800x800 mm and 1000x1000 mm sizes. These slabs also come with a stain-resistant option. We also have some flooring options in metallic finish like Marbonite GVT Metallic.

Johnson Kraft: Grande Satuario & Art Satuario

A tile shop has over hundreds of options on display. Picking the right tiles can be really confusing and time-consuming. But we bring you tips that'll help you pick the right tile. Every time!

Tiles are a significant part of the space you create. Be it your floors, walls or even that occasional pillar. It is natural that you'd tend to choose a tile mainly on the basis of its aesthetics like colour, tones, patterns, textures, etc. But at the same time you're so drawn to a tile's aesthetics that you might overlook its functionality. The fact is that a certain set of tiles can't be applied to all spaces. For example, using a glossy tile for your bathroom flooring is a call for disaster.

So the next time you set out to buy tiles, here are a few things you could keep in mind.

• There's more to a tile than its beauty:
The space and usage of surface that you want to tile is very important. There are different considerations for bathroom floors versus a living room or lobby flooring or even a parking lot.

• Tiles & themes
Plan it before you pick it up. Tiles are just a part of a bigger theme in any room. Try building a harmony between your tiles and every other part of your interiors like overall colour scheme, furnishings and lighting plan.

• Buy what fits your overall budget
Prepare a total interior budget of your house before finalizing on `per square feet' cost of a tile. For example – If your bedroom requires 160 square feet of tiles and you select tiles costing Rs. 80.00/sq.ft. It would cost you Rs.12800.00. And then you come across a more appealing and a qualitative option worth Rs. 112.00/sq.ft. While this option indicates a 48% increase in cost, the difference in absolute amount for the room would be Rs. 4800 only for a much better aesthetic appeal and an investment which will last longer. With mass production techniques, the cost of tiles has become more affordable today.

Johnson Kraft: Swiss Wallnut

How Does one do the right math to get the right number of tiles for their home?

Here's how:
1. Calculate the area of surface by multiplying it's length and width. Add quantity required for skirting while doing it for flooring. Normally3" to 4" skirting(like border) of flooring tilte is applied on the wall, at sides of the room.

2. Tiles are sold in predefined packages, containing definite and declared number of tiles of mentioned size(generally in milimetre or centimetre).

3. You need to suiatably convert all the measurement in the same unit (for example: room area as well as area covered using all the tiles in a box - in square feet).

4. Tiles are sold in boxes. Always add approximately 10% additional quantity depending upon the shape and size of the room, because tiles will be subjected to cutting, variations and some cut pieces may not be used.

5. Apart from his, it is always good to keep few tiles for the future. It may happen that due to unforeseen accidents some tiles are, or have to be, broken and at the future moment of time you may not get the chosen design/shade.

Floor - Marbonite GVT: Egyptian Rock

H&R Johnson has always been at the forefront of innovations in tile technology. After all, it's our commitment to redefine lifestyles for years to come. Here are some of our path-breaking products.

Anti-skid bathroom tiles - Custom designed tiles that offer a better grip and prevent bathroom accidents.

Joint-free wall, floor and vitrified tiles - Have been created to give a seamless look.

Scratch-free tiles - Have been created to give a seamless look.

Germ-free tiles - Take on fungi and bacteria,keeping every space safe and hygienic.

Stain-free tiles - Come with enhanced stain-resistance.

Anti-static tiles - Specially created for areas like computer server rooms and data centres, these tiles help lessen risks in a working environment.

Revolutionary digital printing - Helps in bringing the designs and details on tiles to life.

Tac-tile - Helps the visually impaired in navigating through different spaces.

Johnson iFloor: Matrix Marfil

Just picking the right tiles isn't enough. One needs to set it right too. Every tile needs to be glued differently and we bring you the right adhesives to do exactly that.

Conventional cement: Sand mortars - The cement is generally mixed in a ratio of 1:3 and mixed with water. Once a desired consistency has been achieved, bedding is formed.
– Some of the cement paste is also applied on the back of the tile to lay and fix it.
– Conventional cement bedding is usually 30 - 50 mm.
Works best on: Porous wall tiles.

Cement-based/Synthetic adhesives – These are cement-based fillings with special polymer additives like organic polymers, acrylic, vinyl, and polyurethane.
– Usually available in powder form or with synthetic liquid ad mixtures and need to be mixed with water.
– Synthetic adhesive based bedding is generally 1-5 mm.
– Works best on: All types of tiling products.

Recommended adhesives: We suggest the use of synthetic adhesives such as Ardex Endura for best results.

Here's why:

• The adhesive mix doesn't dry rapidly like conventional cement-sand mortars, making it more consistent.

• They form a stronger bond between tile and the base.

• They are suitable for a variety of base including existing floor.

• They ensure a floor that is more durable.

• Prevent the tile from chipping and cracking.

Johnson iFloor: Cement Gris

• Hire a good tile layer

The tile layer's role is very important as he assembles the mortar, the adhesive and the tile. It requires a sound knowledge of material characteristics and processes. Properly laid tiles of ordinary quality produce acceptable results, but poor laying can compromise even the performance of quality tiles.

Pay personal attention throughout the process

Tiles pass through certain norms or quality checks to get a grading which helps you differentiate them in terms of quality. Tiles which pass through most of the norms are segregated as 1st Quality/Premium. And tiles with minor or major defects are segregated as 2nd
Quality/Commercial/Economy/Utility/Reject. When you buy a good brand, the boxes are properly stamped with a quality index that carries the necessary warranties. Before picking tiles, it's important to check their quality rating (which is mentioned on the boxes).

Don't waste tiles

In their loose form, tiles are often brittle. They need to be handled with care to keep them from breaking. But even with the best of precautions, some tiles tend to break. Don't be disheartened and throw away those few tiles. Instead use them for skirting or lay them out on corners or sides of a room, if the breakage is not unusually high.

Due to the process of firing a natural product like a ceramic tile, it is expected that every tile is not going to be absolutely perfect. There are some inherent issues even in the exclusive quality of tiles. For example: A slight variation in shade and tonalities, warping, and variation in sizes are some common issues in manufacturing. This is why there is an international standard set down to specify the acceptable tolerances for most of the parameters.

We, at Johnson, take utmost care to ensure that all Premium tiles qualify these international norms and tolerances defined. However, if a delivery includes tiles that don't qualify the set norms, please instruct your tile layer not to lay such tiles.

Please bear in mind that all the warranties apply if tiles are not fixed.

Marbonite GVS: Daino Gold

Routine sweeping and swabbing with water is enough to keep your tiles looking new. Weekly use of tile-cleaning solutions can be used to wet-mop your house. Additionally, we bring you a few more tips that'll help your tiles stay healthy:

• Avoid using steel wool and strong acids.

• Use a door mat at the entrance to reduce the tiles' deterioration because of dirt from outdoors.

• Use rubber to protect all furniture or other heavy furniture that rests on floor to prevent scratches and rust stains.

• Use a solution of white vinegar and water to remove most hard water stains.

• Remember to clean any spills and stains immediately to prevent permanent staining.

• Kitchen countertops made of glazed tiles can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge every day.

• Bathrooms and shower areas can be cleaned once every week. This will help remove soap scum, body oils and hard water deposit buildup. You can spray a commercial tile cleaner on the tile, letting it stand for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it off. A hassle-free and low maintenance option is to install Stain-Free tiles and slabs from Johnson Marbonite.

Marbonite GVT: Steel Wood

1. Johnson received Reader's Digest MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARD - 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

2. Johnson received the MASTER BRAND AWARD - 2013

3. Johnson tiles - ASIA'S MOST PROMISING BRAND AWARD - 2012-13

4. Ranked as 7th largest tile company in the world - CERAMIC WORLD REVIEW – 2011

5. Marbonite - Winner of POWER BRAND status - 2010 & 2011

6. Industry's first Carbon Points CERs – 2009

7. Certificate of Merit for Energy Conservation, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power - 2006

8. Best Tile Company M-TECH PINNACLE AWARD - 2006

9. Gas Conservation Award GAIL - 2004-05

The House of Johnson is home to a variety of tiling options, each created to be a best-in-class product at the right price.

Johnson, Johnson Marbonite and Johnson Endura have the widest range of wall and flooring solutions for your requirements across all price points.

Additionally, our stunning portfolio has everything that's needed to make every wall in your house a masterpiece. This includes offerings for wall applications like:

Kraft Ceramic Panels: Cementing a place at the House of Johnson is our latest offering, the Kraft Ceramic Panels. These have been designed exclusively as a technically and aesthetically superior wall and floor covering option over wooden panels, rock plates, Italian marble panels and wallpapers.
Sizes: 800x400 mm and 400x400 mm.

Spanish Collection: This is a collection of tiles that is in sync with the current international trends. It includes various popular styling options and uptown design themes.
Sizes: 300x600 mm and 300x450 mm.

Neo Solution: This series offers a complete solution for your bathrooms and kitchens. It is characterised by a unique combination of designs, feel, flow and shades.
Sizes: 300x600 mm, complementary size of 300x300 mm for flooring.
Besides these, we also have a vast range of sizes,shades, designs, patterns and applications available for all décor, design, dimensions and budget needs.

If we have the best-in-class tile to cover your walls, we have flooring options that'll floor you too.

1. General flooring in residential and commercial spaces

a. Marbonite Tiles & Slabs

i. Polished Vitrified Slabs
Sizes: 1000x1000 mm and 800x800 mm

ii. Glazed Vitrified Slabs: This is exclusive flooring best known for its unique combination of performance and beauty.
Sizes: 800x800 mm size and 4 different finishes

iii. Vitrified Tiles: Our vitrified range of tiles includes
Double Charge, MagicBrush and Colors.
Sizes: 600x600 mm.

iv. GVT and Infinity Series: A thematic series that'll capture your imagination, our GVT and Infinity series offers finishes in Italian marble, rustic stones and wood.
Sizes: 600x600 mm size.

The above are available in the following finishes:

Glossy polished • Matt • Satin • Lapato Some even have the Stain-Free feature.

b. Endura Tiles & Slabs

i. Sandex: Matt and rustic finish floors in vitrified category.
Sizes: 800x800 mm and 600x600 mm

ii. Pavers:
Sizes: 200x200 mm

iii. Exterior Tiles:
Sizes: 300x300 mm and 400x400 mm

c. Johnson Floor Tiles :

i. Scratch-Free and SSR: A range that sports beautiful wooden, stone and marble themes, these tiles have been designed to give a distinctive look to your floor. These tiles have a robust surface, designed to withstand daily wear and tear. But their aesthetics haven't been compromised. This is a cost-effective option.
Sizes: 600x600 mm

ii. iFloor Collection: Taking inspiration from nature, we have used exclusive effects of digital technology to bring you this collection. iii. Mass Flooring Solutions: In addition to above, we also offer mass flooring solutions.
Sizes: 300x300 mm, 400x400 mm and 600x600 mm

Application Combinations:

For Bathrooms: Kraft wall ceramic panels go best with 400x400 mm Kraft floor tiles series.

Spanish Collection/Neo Solution wall tiles go best with 300x300 mm Neo/Anti-skid series. Anti-skid series offers optimum safety against possible slipping in wet condition of bathrooms.

2. Parking and Industrial Flooring :
Johnson Endura fits the bill here. It's a special range of tiles carrying all functional attributes. Wide choice of sizes, shades and thickness to take the wear and tear.

Quality isn't always overpriced.

At Johnson, we strive to give our customers the best-in-class products at a reasonable price.

Our endeavour is to constantly work towards making our products more affordable without compromising on their quality. We have a variety of products at many price points, making our products available to all those looking for a trusted name in the category.

Wall - Marbonite Infinity: Sandstone Gris
Floor - Marbonite GVT: Egyptian Rock